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The Witness

The Witness - Nora Roberts I thought it started off awesome. I was really excited reading about young Liz and her adventures, and i really felt for her, but then i lost some of the excitement when it got to Abigail and Brooks' part. The romance is nice, but it got too focused on what Liz felt and what Liz experienced (I think her past was retold at least 3 times throughout the story), but not enough action. So i was a bit disappointed when the book kinda skipped over the details of how the scheme played out it the end. I mean, one second i was really psyched about what the virus is going to do, then the next page Liz was dead. I want to know what exactly happened to the Russian mafia gang!!
Anyway, it was still a pretty good read, just that i think i expected more evil-being-destroyed and stuff.